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Teen Titans: the Return

Title: Teen Titans: the Return (Part 1)

Pairing: Beastboy/Terra, Robin/Starfire

Rating: PG

Genre: Misc.

Word Count: 563 words.

Disclaimer: the pictures and the characters are not mine, only the plot is mine.

A/N: This was my first fic, when I posted it in the first place, I didn't post it into a community that had someone in it, I also made a couple edits to the original post (e.g. pairing, title, adding author's notes and maybe the word count wasn't in the original? Not sure.). Nothing else was edited from the original.

    It was raining and Robin was training. Suddenly he was interrupted by Beastboy, “Hey, Robin! Wanna try a tofu burger?” Robin replied angrily, “No Beastboy! Not right now, I'm training.” Beastboy walked off slightly disappointed then knocked on the door of Raven's room. Raven came to the door and glumly said “What?” Beastboy replied with an excited smile, “Wanna play a game?” Raven replied grumpily, “No.”

After Raven replied, she slammed the door right in front of Beastboy's face. Beastboy then walked away unhappily to Cyborg's room. He knocked on Cyborg's door and Cyborg opened it. Beastboy asked Cyborg “Want to play a video game?” Cyborg replied, “Sure, just let me recharge my battery.” Before they got the chance to play, the alarm went off! Robin had just walked into the room, he used his communicator to tell the Titans, “Titans! We got trouble! Let's go!” All 5 Titans ran out into the street and Terra had came back! Problem was that she had become a villain again, she was terrorizing the streets of the city and using her powers in order to cause vehicles to violently crash into each other. Terra then used her forceful power to knock all 5 Titans out in one shot.

The Titans were knocked out for about two hours. By the time they were conscious, Terra had left the city in ruins. It was a terrible moment. The Titans were spending a moment in regret until Robin said, “We've got to move on, what's happened has happened. Now we've only got one way to change it: find out the source of what's caused Terra to come back and what caused her to become this way.” The Titans went back to the tower. Robin was trying to figure out what happened and what they could do to bring Terra back and find the source of this terror if at all possible. Suddenly the Teen Titans heard a window break, Robin turned around to see what it was.

It was Terra again! It looked as if she came to destroy the Titans Tower. Terra was flying and you could see her just outside the window, the wind blowing in her face causing her blonde hair to wave in the wind, but the expression on her face was dark. She looked as if she was ready to destroy each and everyone of the Teen Titans. Their tower and all. Beastboy said, “Terra, wait! Do you remember anything? You're one of us! You have a choice!” Terra replied, “I can't!” Beastboy said, “Yes you...” before Beastboy could finished he was attacked by Terra, but Starfire flew in Terra's way while snatching something off of Terra's suit!

Terra was on the ground and unconscious for a few seconds. When Terra was conscious again, she said, “What happened?” Robin replied, “We're not sure, but...” Beastboy interrupted while hugging Terra, “Terra!” Starfire then handed Robin the object that was attached to Terra's suit. While Starfire did this, she got close to Robin and looked at him with a dreamy smile. Robin on the other hand looked very seriously and said while looking at the object, “Slade.” A short moment of silence occurred, then one side of the wall blew up and they're was a massive hole! Straight through that hole before every one of the Titans' very eyes, there was Slade.

To be continued...

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