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Fans of Teen Titans Unite!

~-~Teen Titans~-~
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This is a community for people who like the Cartoon Network show, Teen Titans.

What can you do here?--
• Post about your favourite characters
• Post your favourite episodes (If you plan to do this, please use an lj-cut as some people may have not seen that episode. See the rules for more information on spoilers and cuts.)
• Post Teen Titan fanfics, whether they be ones you've written, or just read and enjoyed and you want to share them. When posting fanfics, use a cut or link it. And please put a warning if there is any adult content.)
• Post pictures you've drawn or found. When posting other peoples fanart, please ask permission first. And cut the post if it is a large image.
• In general, you can post anything related to Teen Titans.
• And you don't have to keep your posts to Teen Titans the show. :D

• When posting large images, stories, or anything that might have a spoiler, please use an Lj-cut. To see how to make one, please go here
• Don't fight. I don't want flame wars to start.
• If someone posts an opinion you don't like, don't bash them. Just ignore them, or post a nice reply instead of, "OMG U SUCK FOR LIKING THAT!" or anything like that.
• Please don't type in all caps. It's annoying.
• AnD dOn'T tYpE lYk DiS. It's annoying and hard to read.
• Don't post off topic posts. This is a community for Teen Titans. We don't need posts about cheese and pet rocks. o_O
• Do not post community adds unless the community is a Teen Titan related one. You want to promote your community? Go to community_promo

-Want to help out?--
• Tell your Teen Titan loving friends about this place.
• Link to here in your profile. (Buttons possibly coming sometime soon. x_x)
• Donate graphics! Icons, buttons, whatever.

-More information and maybe even some graphics coming soon!-